Friday, July 16, 2010


Sometimes as an artist you just need to share visuals to add  ambiance to a surf shop, a restaurant, or another public venue.  If you think your work is good, the ultimate test is to see if you qualify to get into a public display without a hassle and also be the one who gets the invite. This takes social skills as well and patience. Once you get an invite from a shop owner or a manager, than this is a good step towards targeting a local crowd or even stepping into unchartered territory , as far as your art's concerned. This is my three piece Jazz Set at BC SURF in town. The big piece is now on a pair of board shorts. I like how it's lit up at night.


As Surfers, especially those of us who get to travel or at least search for waves on a some what daily basis..we can easily get jaded or "spoiled" with our neighborhood breaks and waves..It's true, it actually happens. The water may be too cold or the crowds may not be the thing you're into that day. Some days are just like that. But there are also the days where you can change your attitude, and this usually includes saying to yourself:
" Come on and get out there"

Go find a wave to surf no matter the temperature or in fact where you just came from. If it's flat than go swimming.The continued relationship with the water , an athlete who's consistent is the key to the gift it gives.

 The truth is the ocean has some amazing abilities to make you happy , enriched. And when you actually suit up and stretch, you may be surprised what you will come across. This is a fine example of what you may find opposed to not trying to find anything at all. The result: one healthy surfer. By the way, reggae music helps. This is my neighborhood, welcoming me yet once again...Nice crowd. And look at that right !