Saturday, July 10, 2010


a friend of mine, Quinn, used to teach 4th graders at Newport Elementary school. She called me up one day and said, " Do you feel like coming in and teaching my class how to paint?" I said " No, not really..."
She said " Colleen, just please come in..."
I said  " Ok, but they need their own canvas's and brushes, and i can come in for an hour...."

 So we had them cover shoe box lids with white construction paper stapled on for their "canvas's" and it all worked out. The kids are good teachers as well.


i wrote a surf rap once. it actually really flows and rhymes and has a unique rawness and vulnerability to it. it was done on construction paper with magic markers, and it is like a place mat  size . i dig it.  these words eventually made it onto another piece of mine i painted titled " need surf" (which is the far right piece on the header for blog page). So, this is the original gangster for need surf. if you click on the picture you can read the words more clearly.


This piece is called 'twin peaks" it never really manifested into anything majorly special. But it does hold a simple complexity which i adore. It was like i was doodling one day with a brush instead of a pencil . You know like when you're on the telephone and you are drawing random images and shapes while you listen and talk. So this is a doodle piece on canvas. I sold it to Mike Gerard for 600.00 . It hangs in the USA surf team headquarters outside his office door. Mike has several of my paintings. It's good to doodle.