Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Bob Marley was just a man. But his love for music and his charismatic performances are one of a kind and ultimately, just  perfect timing. An artist i feel that had an easy going approach and a love for his talent. I grew up listening to Bob's music. Since I was very young, his lyrics and rhythms have filled my head. I started painting to Bob's albums and also bootlegs of his live concerts. ( i knew a dread once ) . And i started to paint his face when i started to paint. So all in all I have been inspired by the late Bob Marley. This one in paticular with the teal and purple hues, i painted in Jaco Beach Costa Rica. Thanks Cedella Booker and Captain Marley for your whoa and crazy talented baby genius.
 ~ colleen @ 10:54 p.m.


colors colors colors, what would i be without you? I can be a world or just a person.We too need the assortment of mixed media, attitude, depth, richness and layers. My surfboards, need color. My salad, needs color. My walls, need color.  My sky at night, needs color. what a grand concept, color. In all it's reasons i love color.And the substitute, your cousin if say you can't be here, is sound. The vibes, this too i will expound on!
~ colleen @ 9:29 p.m.


                            above: designing a board for MIOCEAN BLUE 42 PROJECT            

                                                 below: MY NEW DESIGNER BOARD SHORTS,


This piece i just finished. it is an oil painting of two Stand Up paddle board lovers. Pun intended. I titled it
"Dusk and Dawn". I sold it today for 950.00 dollars. Which is rather low for this sort of piece, but I have lowered my prices 30 %  due to the recent weird change in the economy. I figure, Art was a necessity to people when i first started selling. Now, it's a luxury. And the first thing to go usually, is luxury expenses. So i thought i'd do my part and get smart and still earn a living. I actually adore the clients and was rather thrilled to give them something they can hold onto. Unlike the money i just made.